Monday, 15 September 2014

Round the World Blog Hop

I was asked by the lovely Margreth from Quiltstudio 22 to join the "Round the World Blog Hop" and I thought why not?  I love the idea of getting to know more about one quilter to another other than their beautiful quilts they make.

1) What am I working on?

Currently I have been working on my English paper piecing Star quilt that I started about 2 years ago.  It's a very long on going project but one that I enjoy working on when I don't feel like sitting in front of the sewing machine.  It is also a great way to use up scraps and play with different prints, colours and fabrics with abandon inhibition.

English Paper Piecing

2) How does my work differ from other its genre?

Having only started getting into quilting three years ago, it's hard to define how my work differs from others.  I am still in the process of discovering what my 'signature' is.  However...

I do love simple geometry type quilts as I feel it makes a lovely interesting play of fabric and in my opinion by far the best way to showcase the fabric.  For example this simple Half Squared Triangle Baby Quilt,  Snowball Baby Quilt and Madeleine's Quilt

Bind quilts

Bind quilts

Bind Quilts

I am starting to love using print on print fabrics as I feel it gives a simple block an interesting story to tell.  For example this Economy Baby Quilt 

Bind Quilts

I also do love working with colours.  I think colours whether bold or subtle would be one thing that I enjoy playing with the most.  For example Pinkylicious Wunderland Quilt and Summer Love Quilt

Bind Quilts

Bind Quilts

Last but not least, I do love hand stitching.  Even though it's a long process, I find that by adding some hand stitching, it adds another dimension and texture to the quilt top.  Here is an example of a hand quilted baby quilt for Olivia

Bind Quilts

3) How do I write/create what I do?

For me quilting is a hobby that I enjoy very much.  It is sort of my relaxation time when I am not studying and working full-time.  It is also a great a way for me express myself creatively.  

I draw countless of inspiration from Instagram and the quilting community on Instagram.  I also draw my creativity from nature, images, prints and colours.  In addition, commission quilts allows me the opportunity to explore with the client they types of prints, colourway, pattern and style which allows me to be adventures and suggest styles that both the client and I could potentially explore.

4) How does my writing/creative process work?

My creative process starts from either a fabric collection, a pattern I see online, objects, patterns and colours around me or inspirations from other quilters.  Then I would start drafting the pattern on Auto Cad, playing with the block to create a design that I would resonate with.  After that I would add in colours from the fabric that I intend to use it with.  It helps in visualising how the fabrics would talk to each other together with the intended block.  

Bind Quilts
Bind Quilts

When I am satisfied with the design, I will tend start on calculating how much fabric I would need and cutting measurements.  When all that is done, the fun part begins when I cut into the fabric and start assembling the the quilt top together.  Here is an example of the creative process I go through to the end product for Under the Sea Quilt

Bind Quilts

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little about my creative process and where is all comes from. 

The next person that I would love to continue the link to the blog hop is Mary from Molly Flanders Makerie.  Mary is an amazing talented quilter.  She inspirational, always generous with sharing her skills and her contribution to the quilting community is one to treasure.

Thank you for stopping by and giving me your time to read this "Round the World Blog Hop."


Friday, 12 September 2014

Snowball Quilt

I might be a little late in blogging about snow as we are well and truly into Spring now.  However, I couldn't resist the chance to showcase this finished snowball baby quilt that I had taken photos of but have not found the time to blog about it till now.  Also, I could not resist showing the quilt captured against the snow up at beautiful Lake Mountain for a day of cross country skiing.

I finished the top early in the year but due to school and work commitments, I haven't had time to quilt it until a few months back.  In addition, I was also tempted by making other quilts such as Under The Sea QuiltEconomy Baby Quilt and Flowering Snowball Quilt.

The quilt is composed of Bonnie and Camille 'Happy Go Lucky' fabric range.  I especially love this range because I have a love for the colour navy.  The colourway of red, orange, yellow and navy makes this quilt pop against the light greens that I had added from my stash.

I kept the quilt to a minimal with diagonal straight lines along the splay of the block.  I am happy the way it has turned out as I was having a hard time deciding how to quilt this without being too complicated.

I think by far, this is one of my favourite baby quilt.  Perhaps it is the colours that resonates with me or it could be the simplicity of the quilt showcasing the beautiful fabrics.  I am thinking of making a bigger size for myself some day.

Quilt Facts:
Finished size: 40.5" x 49.5"
Quilt top: "Happy go Lucky" by Bonnie and Camille in Mum in red, Jump in white and navy, Garden in White, Bloom in Orange and Yellow, Heather Bailey in Nicey Jane Hop Dot in Cream, Nicey Jane Church Flowers Green and Lottie Da in Vintage Rose in Lime, Small Gingham Green by Riley Blake Design and other remnants that I have on hand
Backing (not shown): Ready Set, Color! in Red and Orange Squiggles
Binding: Small Gingham in Orange by Riley Blake Design
Batting: 100% cotton
Machine quilted.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend


Friday, 5 September 2014

Sew Along

Flowering Snowball Quilt

I have always wanted to participate in a sew along but I have never had the time due to school and work commitments.  However, I couldn't resist this Flowering Snowball Along organised by the very talented Mary at Molly Flanders Makerie

Flowering Snowball quilt

Sewing curves has been on my 'To learn' list so I thought this would be a great way to conquer my fear of it.  Mary has a great tutorial on it and once I sewed my first curve, I was hooked!  It wasn't as scary as I had imagined it to be.  Following it step by step made it easy so I didn't freaked out about it.  If you have always wanted to try to sew curves and have put it off because you fear it... I encourage you to try this.  This sew along has broaden my quilting technique and style.  Now to find some time to hand quilt this during summer holidays.

After conquering my fear of curves, on my list of 'To make' quilt is a Glam Clam quilt which I can't wait to tackle now that I have gained some confidence in sewing curves.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend ahead.