Thursday 10 October 2013

Pinkylicious Wunderland

This was one of my very first commissioned quilt that I couldn't share until the customer passed it on to her friend.  Got the OK yesterday that I can blog about it till my heart content!  It was a commissioned quilt as a gift to the customer's friend.
Pinkylicious wunderland
Happy to say that the recipient is super happy with the quilt and it is always nice to hear great feedback about their thoughts on it. 

This quilt design was inspired by my very first quilt book called "Material Obsession" - it was the very book that sparked my love for proper quilting.  It has taught me heaps as a beginner quilter on the equipment to purchase, how to cut the fabric and many other essential quilting basics.  I must say my skills has come a long way since I began to be a 'serious' (I think this has to be used loosely as quilting is all about creativity and there is nothing serious about creativity other than letting yourself go, have fun and be creative!) quilter last year.

Now... more about this quilt.  The guidelines was - I am mad about pink! and I love bright and bold colours. So I took out all the pink stash and mixed it with some other bright and bold coloured fabrics I had in my stash. I think I have managed to it well as I am still learning about pulling fabric bundles apart and creating a new palette to make it more interesting (I am still struggling with that as the bundles are all so pretty and coordinated lol!).  The pink coordinates made a beautiful backdrop accentuated by the magenta cotton linen solid geometric shape.

I continued the bold and bright theme at the back of the quilt running a strip of magenta solid with a little patchwork detail against a bright tangerine backing fabric.

I have also hand quilted this quilt with simple lines using white and red perle no.8 cotton thread.  I love the texture of hand quilted quilt.  To me it adds another layer of excitement to the quilt and also simple detailing that is often lost with machine quilting.  Don't get me wrong, I love and have seen some really fantastic and amazing machine quilted quilts out there but I think for a domestic quilter like myself, a little bit of detail goes a long way.  Furthermore, it has a meditative feel to the process that allows me to sit and contemplate about life.

Heather Bailey
Quilt facts:
Finished size: 48" x 62"
Quilt top fabric: Assortments of Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey and Midwest by Amy Butler, Magenta cotton linen blend
Backing: Bijoux Swirly Buds in Tangerine by Heather Bailey
Binding: Magenta cotton linen blend
Batting: 100% cotton

And here is the quilt sitting on the recipient's lazy boy at her home and here is what she had to say to the customer :
"Thank you for such a pinkylicious and beautiful gift.  I love it very much and the colour combination is so cheerful and happy.  I thank God  for bringing you into my life and for being such a lovely sister to me."

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  1. Thank you for bringing such creative beauty and life to the quilt. You interpreted the brief perfectly! And the touch of magenta was genius, as Carol and I met 7 years ago at my bead shop, Strands, and the corporate color was magenta! She is waxing lyrical over your beautiful workmanship, and the choice of 'happy colors'. Love love love it! xx