Wednesday 1 March 2017

A Long Overdue Blog Post with Another Glam Clam Quilt

Hello there,

Its been a while since I last blogged.  The whole of 2015 was focused on graduating from University and the whole of this year 2016 was juggling work, supervising at the student clinic and building up my private practice in Traditional Chinese medicine, and on top of that, trying to find some balance in life between work and play.  Needless to say, my quilting days has been numbered.  However, I am doing some form of sewing mainly English paper piecing and I am more active on Instagram.  I also hope to blog a bit more in 2017, fingers crossed I would have the time to share some of creative works with you all.

First up, I would love to share this baby quilt that I had made for my niece in 2015.  I was high on curves that year and used the Glam Clam design to the max.

Briar rose fabric

Initially, this quilt was designed based on using a gradient effect but the description by Karen from Pieces of Contentment where she said "[The quilt] made an entire landscape with river, grass, hills, mountains, soft clouds and even a hot air balloon" best sums up this quilt design.

Briar Rose fabric

I have used the pattern and template when Latifah Saafir first introduce Glam Clam into the quilting world back in 2015.  She has now made the pattern into an easy to follow instruction booklet and a very cool Glam Clam template.  You can purchase both the template and pattern from the lovely Latifah Saafir Studio.  You can also find this quilt featured in the pattern booklet as variations to using this pattern (proud quilting moment!)

Briar rose fabric

This quilt is mainly featured my all time favourite Briar Rose fabric collection by Heather Ross.  I only had Fat eight of each fabric collection so I had look into my stash to combine other fabric into the quilt.  There are some Nicey Jane, Sweet as Honey, Twice as Nice, and Catnap fabrics mainly sewed at the top of the quilt.

Briar rose fabric

Up close of the fabric you can find lovely illustrations of frogs and bees and if you look closely you can find a grasshopper somewhere in the mix.  This quilt conjures up both whimsical and fun feelings with its bright colours, flowers and animals.

Briar rose fabric

I have used simple grid quilting lines which produced a waffle effect.  This is probably my go to quilting style when I want it to be simple yet modern and I can't figure out how to quilt the end product.

Briar rose fabric

This quilt now lives in London with my lovely niece Rosamund, whom I have been told by the mum that she uses the quilt as a blanket and for play.  That makes me heart swell with happiness when quilts I have made are loved and hugged constantly.

Quilt facts:
Finished size - 40" x 52"
Glam clam template size - 8" template ruler
Quilt top fabric - mixture of Briar Rose fabric collection, Nicey Jane, Sweet as Honey, Twice as Nice, and Catnap fabrics
Backing fabric - Wee Wanderer by Sarah Jane
Batting - 100% cotton 
Thread - 60wt Aurifil 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos

Jacqueline xx

Monday 18 May 2015

Blogger's festival 2015 - a mini entry

This is my third year entering Blogger's festival organized by Amy from Amy's Creative Side.  I have always love this festival as I get to view many different genre of quilts out there and in addition make some new friends via visiting their blogs.  This year I am going to enter a baby Glamclam quilt that was made for a customer for the festival.

You can read and check out more photos about this baby Glamclam quilt here.
I hope you'll enjoy browsing through the content.

Here's the link to Blogger's Festival 2015
Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the festival xx

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Cats and Clam Shells

clam shell quilt

 This is a commissioned quilt that I was really excited to make.  Since stepping out of my comfort zone in sewing curves from the Flowering Snowball Along Quilt, I have wanted to step it up with the confidence I had gained from the sew-along to make a clam shell quilt.

clam shell quilt

 I fell in love with the clam shell quilt when the 'Glam Clam Quilt' by Latifah Saafir burst into the quilting scene a couple of years back (I think it was a couple of years back).  I was dying to make one however, I was not ready to face the dreaded curves back then.

cat nap lizzy house

I was very lucky that I had a friend that wanted a clam shell quilt and she had commissioned me to make one (all about timing they say!).  If you are interested in making a Glam Clam Quilt, you can access a free tutorial here. 

lizzy house

I decided to use the 8" clam shell template as I thought the 12" block might be too big for a baby quilt.  I also think that 8" is a better size as I like small and intimate blocks but a 12" block would look just as amazing!

cat nap fabric

We decided on Lizzy House Catnap Bundle which in my opinion has the loveliest fabric prints.  I have used mainly the coral, grey, mustard and pink fabric as this was for a baby girl and mixed them up with an assortments of grey fabrics and solid white.

cat nap fabric

Catnap is a fun and cute fabric bundle with addition of simple geometry prints to compliment the bumdle.  I especially love the mice print that is quirky and funny.  Together with contrasting deep dark chocolate and bright pink super cute cat faces added interesting and playful quality to the quilt.

cat nap

As for the quilt backing, the client wanted something playful, so we decided on Flamingos which went extreme well with the rest of the colour way and feel of the quilt.


When it came to the quilting process, I was a little unsure on how to proceed.  I knew my domestic sewing machine and I was not up to quilting curves and I only do straight line quilting for now!  So I thought I might try the waffle quilting look and hope that it would compliment the elegant curves.  I am so glad that it turned out great!  The lines are quilted an inch apart.  This generated a lovely texture and a beautiful draping effect to the quilt.

glam clam


For the binding, I have opted for a simple stripe binding.  The coral matched really well with the rest of the colour way.  It also added a good contrast to the curves.

cat nap

Quilt facts:
Quilt design: Glam Clam Quilt 8" block by Latifah Saafir
Quilt size: 40" x 52"
Fabric: Catnap Fat Quarter Bundle by Lizzy House, Silver Tarnish Bundle from Westwood Acres Fabric, Kona Solid in White
Backing Fabric: Lula Flamingo in Orange from the Lula Magnolia Range by The Quilted Fish
Binding: Little Coral Clown Stripe by Michael Miller
Batting: 100% Cotton batten
Quilted using Auril Thread

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Quilting!

Jacqueline xx

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Picture finished 2014 - Part 2

The last of my 2014 finished quilt is a riot of colours.  This was a commissioned quilt for a friend who will be gifting this quilt to one of her close friend.  The theme was bright, bold and colourful with a dash of leopard print in the quilt.  I knew immediately that I wanted to use fabrics from Anna Maria Honner.

Field Study quilt

I have longed admired fabrics designed by Anna Maria Honner and was looking for a project that I could use bright and bold prints.  I am so grateful that this commissioned quilt came into my path and I have enjoyed every moment piecing this quilt together.

Flying Geese quilt

I have opted for a no binding finish which I absolutely love and hope to do more quilts in this way. Wool tassels has been added as embellishment to the quilt making it feel like a flying magic carpet.

flying geese quilt

A close up of the quilt will reveal cheerful and bright saturated colours.  I have added some flying geese in orange, red and raspberry solids, and polka dots in black with gold and bubblegum provided interesting details to the simple quilt.

flying geese quilt

Majority of the prints are from Field Study with some Pretty Potent and Loulouthi prints mingled among it.

Anna Maria Honner

The quilt is kept secured between layers by hand-stitched tiny X's at regular intervals.

flying geese quilt

I have enjoyed designing this quilt from pattern to finish and  I hope you have enjoyed this picture finished blog post.

Happy Quilting!

Quilt facts:
Quilt pattern: Bind Quilt
Quilt finished size: 48" x 60"
Fabric: Field Study, Pretty Potent & Loulouthi by Anna Maria Honner; Confetti Sparkle in Black by Dear Stella House Designer; Dark Raspberry & Orange solid by American Made Brand Cotton Solids, Red solid by Hawthorne Hues and Small Spots in Bubblegum bu Robert Kaufmman.
Backing fabric: Summer Totem in Tart, Loulouthi series by Anna Maria Honner
Tassels: Hand made wool tassels in burnt orange.

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Picture finished 2014 - Part 1

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year!  My apologies for the late wish but better now than never.  Before I start blogging for 2015, there are two quilts that I have finished in 2014 that I haven't had the time to blog about... although I hardly ever blog but I do like putting a body of work in a blog that I have achieved throughout the year albeit slow.

This quilt design is from Material Obsession 1 by Sarah Fielke.  I made this quilt back in 2012 which you can read about it here.  I was commissioned to make this quilt by a friend as a gift for her niece.

baby quilt

Quilt Facts:
Quilt design: Candy Shop by Sarah Fielke
Finished size: 52" x 52"
Fabric: As Sweet As Honey by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabric
Quilting finish: Hand quilted with Perle Cotton 8

sarah fielke

I have hand stitched the motifs of flowers, sunshine, bee, butterfly, bees and honeycomb and etc. referencing to the fabric bundle I have used for this quilt.

sarah fielke

art gallery fabric

Sarah Fielke

Art gallery fabric

As sweet as honey

It is a lovely pattern for a baby quilt though it does take a while to hand stitch the motifs.  However, the end result is worth it.  The objects, animals and plants can be used as a picture tool for stories and identification as the baby grows up and start taking in things surrounding its environment. 

Art gallery fabrics

I know that my niece who is 3 years old still loves conjuring up stories with the motifs on her quilt and it has been a source of learning for her when she began to identify objects around her.

Art gallery fabrics

Thank you for stopping by and happy quilting


Monday 15 September 2014

Round the World Blog Hop

I was asked by the lovely Margreth from Quiltstudio 22 to join the "Round the World Blog Hop" and I thought why not?  I love the idea of getting to know more about one quilter to another other than their beautiful quilts they make.

1) What am I working on?

Currently I have been working on my English paper piecing Star quilt that I started about 2 years ago.  It's a very long on going project but one that I enjoy working on when I don't feel like sitting in front of the sewing machine.  It is also a great way to use up scraps and play with different prints, colours and fabrics with abandon inhibition.

English Paper Piecing

2) How does my work differ from other its genre?

Having only started getting into quilting three years ago, it's hard to define how my work differs from others.  I am still in the process of discovering what my 'signature' is.  However...

I do love simple geometry type quilts as I feel it makes a lovely interesting play of fabric and in my opinion by far the best way to showcase the fabric.  For example this simple Half Squared Triangle Baby Quilt,  Snowball Baby Quilt and Madeleine's Quilt

Bind quilts

Bind quilts

Bind Quilts

I am starting to love using print on print fabrics as I feel it gives a simple block an interesting story to tell.  For example this Economy Baby Quilt 

Bind Quilts

I also do love working with colours.  I think colours whether bold or subtle would be one thing that I enjoy playing with the most.  For example Pinkylicious Wunderland Quilt and Summer Love Quilt

Bind Quilts

Bind Quilts

Last but not least, I do love hand stitching.  Even though it's a long process, I find that by adding some hand stitching, it adds another dimension and texture to the quilt top.  Here is an example of a hand quilted baby quilt for Olivia

Bind Quilts

3) How do I write/create what I do?

For me quilting is a hobby that I enjoy very much.  It is sort of my relaxation time when I am not studying and working full-time.  It is also a great a way for me express myself creatively.  

I draw countless of inspiration from Instagram and the quilting community on Instagram.  I also draw my creativity from nature, images, prints and colours.  In addition, commission quilts allows me the opportunity to explore with the client they types of prints, colourway, pattern and style which allows me to be adventures and suggest styles that both the client and I could potentially explore.

4) How does my writing/creative process work?

My creative process starts from either a fabric collection, a pattern I see online, objects, patterns and colours around me or inspirations from other quilters.  Then I would start drafting the pattern on Auto Cad, playing with the block to create a design that I would resonate with.  After that I would add in colours from the fabric that I intend to use it with.  It helps in visualising how the fabrics would talk to each other together with the intended block.  

Bind Quilts
Bind Quilts

When I am satisfied with the design, I will tend start on calculating how much fabric I would need and cutting measurements.  When all that is done, the fun part begins when I cut into the fabric and start assembling the the quilt top together.  Here is an example of the creative process I go through to the end product for Under the Sea Quilt

Bind Quilts

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little about my creative process and where is all comes from. 

The next person that I would love to continue the link to the blog hop is Mary from Molly Flanders Makerie.  Mary is an amazing talented quilter.  She inspirational, always generous with sharing her skills and her contribution to the quilting community is one to treasure.

Thank you for stopping by and giving me your time to read this "Round the World Blog Hop."


Friday 12 September 2014

Snowball Quilt

I might be a little late in blogging about snow as we are well and truly into Spring now.  However, I couldn't resist the chance to showcase this finished snowball baby quilt that I had taken photos of but have not found the time to blog about it till now.  Also, I could not resist showing the quilt captured against the snow up at beautiful Lake Mountain for a day of cross country skiing.

I finished the top early in the year but due to school and work commitments, I haven't had time to quilt it until a few months back.  In addition, I was also tempted by making other quilts such as Under The Sea QuiltEconomy Baby Quilt and Flowering Snowball Quilt.

The quilt is composed of Bonnie and Camille 'Happy Go Lucky' fabric range.  I especially love this range because I have a love for the colour navy.  The colourway of red, orange, yellow and navy makes this quilt pop against the light greens that I had added from my stash.

I kept the quilt to a minimal with diagonal straight lines along the splay of the block.  I am happy the way it has turned out as I was having a hard time deciding how to quilt this without being too complicated.

I think by far, this is one of my favourite baby quilt.  Perhaps it is the colours that resonates with me or it could be the simplicity of the quilt showcasing the beautiful fabrics.  I am thinking of making a bigger size for myself some day.

Quilt Facts:
Finished size: 40.5" x 49.5"
Quilt top: "Happy go Lucky" by Bonnie and Camille in Mum in red, Jump in white and navy, Garden in White, Bloom in Orange and Yellow, Heather Bailey in Nicey Jane Hop Dot in Cream, Nicey Jane Church Flowers Green and Lottie Da in Vintage Rose in Lime, Small Gingham Green by Riley Blake Design and other remnants that I have on hand
Backing (not shown): Ready Set, Color! in Red and Orange Squiggles
Binding: Small Gingham in Orange by Riley Blake Design
Batting: 100% cotton
Machine quilted.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend