Wednesday 14 January 2015

Picture finished 2014 - Part 1

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year!  My apologies for the late wish but better now than never.  Before I start blogging for 2015, there are two quilts that I have finished in 2014 that I haven't had the time to blog about... although I hardly ever blog but I do like putting a body of work in a blog that I have achieved throughout the year albeit slow.

This quilt design is from Material Obsession 1 by Sarah Fielke.  I made this quilt back in 2012 which you can read about it here.  I was commissioned to make this quilt by a friend as a gift for her niece.

baby quilt

Quilt Facts:
Quilt design: Candy Shop by Sarah Fielke
Finished size: 52" x 52"
Fabric: As Sweet As Honey by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabric
Quilting finish: Hand quilted with Perle Cotton 8

sarah fielke

I have hand stitched the motifs of flowers, sunshine, bee, butterfly, bees and honeycomb and etc. referencing to the fabric bundle I have used for this quilt.

sarah fielke

art gallery fabric

Sarah Fielke

Art gallery fabric

As sweet as honey

It is a lovely pattern for a baby quilt though it does take a while to hand stitch the motifs.  However, the end result is worth it.  The objects, animals and plants can be used as a picture tool for stories and identification as the baby grows up and start taking in things surrounding its environment. 

Art gallery fabrics

I know that my niece who is 3 years old still loves conjuring up stories with the motifs on her quilt and it has been a source of learning for her when she began to identify objects around her.

Art gallery fabrics

Thank you for stopping by and happy quilting