Thursday, 30 May 2013


I have always find making a baby boy's quilt a little challenging.  Not because I am bias to a particular gender but what I struggle with is the fabric selections.  I wasn't particular drawn to animals, rockets, dinosaurs or cowboy prints.  What I wanted was a quilt that had a bit more millage that could see the use of it from new born to say 10-11 years old. I also wanted something modern for this quilt.

Hourglass stripe quilt
So I thought... what would be suitable for a baby boy's quilt?  In came in stripes! I thought it would be suitable for 1) a boy's quilt 2) modern 3) millage.

I have decided on a simple hourglass design to express a modern feel to the quilt, and I was also pressed for time as I had to get this done before 2nd semester of school starts next week - Bo!

Bind quilts

Any how, I am very happy with the outcome of the quilt.  By adding some blue clown stripe fabrics from Michael Miller combined with the fat quarter bundle of the colourful stripes and white solid fabric has made this quilt simple, modern and suitable for a boy.

Bind quilts

I have opt for a simple grey solid backing from Kona called 'Iron' and added a boarder of the quilt design vertically to give the backing some detail.  I have machine quilted this quilt with simple horizontal and vertical lines, about an inch spacing in between seams.

Bind quilts

I must admit that my lines are a little wonky and not completely dead straight but I hope with lots of quilting practice in years to come, I would master it a wee bit.

Bind quilts

This quilt is making its way to London as present for a dear friend who is expecting her second child.  I hope she will love it and will keep the baby warm till he is too 'grown up' for it.

Quilt facts:
Size: Approximate 45" x 54"
Fabric: Stripe from a FQ bundle, Clown stripes in Aqua & Blue by Michael Miller, Solid White by Emma Louise; backing in Kona solid 'Iron'
Quilting: Machine quilted using Auril 40wt in White

Friday, 3 May 2013

Fabric Love #6

I was after some stripey fabric for a baby boy quilt that I will be making once my exam is over.  Found this fat quarter bundle on Etsy which I thought was pretty delightful and cheerful for a baby's quilt.  I have in mind a relatively simple modern quilt design, here's hoping it will turn out the way I imagined it.

Here are some lovely stripe bundles from Etsy:
West wood acres (really nice stripe bundle)
My Fabric Addition (this where the stripe bundle came from)
Vintage Sheet Variety (reclaimed vintage bed sheets)

Happy Quilting!

Fabric Love #5

Art Gallery Fabrics
Fat Quarter bundle of Pure Elements solids designed by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics - the lovelies fabric I have ever come across thus far.  The fabric quality is amazing and the colors are just beautiful to look at.  Definitely worth the purchase. 

Available at:

Stay Beautiful and Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Bits and Pieces

Apologies for the lack of news on the blog these past few weeks.  I have been busy burying my head deep into books instead of quilting.  I would have much preferred to be doing the latter but I also have a passion for Chinese Medicine.  It is coming up to exam time so quilting or anything remotely craftsie is out of the question.  However, I did managed to cut up some fabrics for the next quilt.  Half way through cutting the linen, I realized I didn't have enough for the entire quilt which meant that I had an excuse to do some online fabric shopping (YAY!)... well, with strong restraining power so that I don't stress out the piggy bank by only purchasing what I really really love - which is a lot if you wanted to know (LOL!).  I am sure some, if not many of you out there that would have the same issue as me.  Anyways, here is a preview of the fabric and colour palette I will be using for the next quilt.  In the meantime, if you are interested in following my ups and downs, ins and outs via pictures of my life of a part-time quilter, yogi, foodies and Chinese Med enthusiasts, you can follow me on Instagram.
Fabric Swatches
Thank you for stopping by and happy quilting!