Thursday, 28 February 2013

Summer Love Quilt

Summer is outdoor entertaining, BBQ and Stan Getz
California Girl Charm pack
Summer is warmth on your skin, sunglasses and summer dresses
California girl charm pack
Summer is fun, cheeky and exuberant
California girl charm pack
Summer is beach, sand and sunscreen
California girl charm pack
Summer is ice-cream, mango and watermelons
Dutch 9 square quilt
Summer is love.

Quilt facts:
Size: 92.5" x 92.5" (washed)
Fabric: California girl charm pack, Bella solids in Feather, and Paisley in Pink inner border; backing fabric in Super ring dots in cream by Red rooster fabrics 210; scrappy binding
Quilting: Machine pieced and hand quilted using DMC Perle no.8 in Ecru
Time frame: 4 months

Progress links:
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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Paper + Fabric

Who would have thought using paper and fabric together would result in a lovely quilt?  That's right, I am talking about English paper piecing (EPP).  I have seen some lovely examples in the blog world and have always been in oohs and aahs about them.  So I thought I would give it a go myself.  It was not as daunting as I thought it would be once I figured out the size of the diamond template I want, go through the tutorials and Viola! I have made my very first star EPP.
The fabric combination are endless and I think it is a good way to experiment on different fabric colours, designs and texture that you never thought could look good together, or to use up your scraps from other projects.  I found a few great blogs that has really good tutorials on EPP and some really beautiful EPP quilts for inspiration.

Tutorial links:
EPP Tutorial - selfsewn
EPP Graph & Tutorial - My Bear Paw

Inspiration links:
EPP Inspirational Quilts -selfsewn
EPP Rose Star WIP Quilt - Sewing Over Pins

Happy Quilting!

p/s: Clare @ selfsewn is giving away a star quilt - all you have to do is follow her blog and leave a comment.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Splash of Dresden Sunshine

I have been working on appliqueing these Dresden plates since December last year and I am happy to say it is progressing really well.  As with all my projects, progress is a little slow as I am only a part-time quilter.  There are days when I am in the office that I wished to be at home quilting away but one's got to pay the bills and etc.
It's been really fun and therapeutic to work on this project as the vibrancy of the colors always put a smile on my face after a long day at work.  Nothing like a good color and quilting therapy to chill out with in front of the TV which is really only there for background noise.
Oh... Let's not forget it's Valentine's Day today - Happy Valentine's Day to all the quilters out there.  May your day be splashed with rays of sunshine and love from whatever form it comes in ie. a smile from a good looking guy on the tram/train, a huge cuddle from your kids, a parcel from the postie, your fabric stash and so forth.

Seeing it's a Work In Progress, I thought I'll link up to WIP Wednesday

Friday, 8 February 2013

Linking up!

I chanced upon this blog Lily's Quilt when I was looking for tutorials on English paper piecing techniques via this blog My Bear Paw.  It's been a day of links so I thought why not link my blog to 'Small Blog Meet' to continue the flow.  Join in the link!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Slow and steady

Finally finished hand quilting the Summer Loving Quilt!  It's been a long, slow and steady process but I am really glad to see it finished.  During the hand quilting process, there were times I wished that I had machine quilted it but I am glad that I choose the option to hand quilt instead.  The outcome is stunning and definitely fit into the feel of carefree, sunny and fun loving summer days as intended for this quilt.

Now for some scrappy binding.

Thank you for stopping by and Happy quilting!