Wednesday 1 March 2017

A Long Overdue Blog Post with Another Glam Clam Quilt

Hello there,

Its been a while since I last blogged.  The whole of 2015 was focused on graduating from University and the whole of this year 2016 was juggling work, supervising at the student clinic and building up my private practice in Traditional Chinese medicine, and on top of that, trying to find some balance in life between work and play.  Needless to say, my quilting days has been numbered.  However, I am doing some form of sewing mainly English paper piecing and I am more active on Instagram.  I also hope to blog a bit more in 2017, fingers crossed I would have the time to share some of creative works with you all.

First up, I would love to share this baby quilt that I had made for my niece in 2015.  I was high on curves that year and used the Glam Clam design to the max.

Briar rose fabric

Initially, this quilt was designed based on using a gradient effect but the description by Karen from Pieces of Contentment where she said "[The quilt] made an entire landscape with river, grass, hills, mountains, soft clouds and even a hot air balloon" best sums up this quilt design.

Briar Rose fabric

I have used the pattern and template when Latifah Saafir first introduce Glam Clam into the quilting world back in 2015.  She has now made the pattern into an easy to follow instruction booklet and a very cool Glam Clam template.  You can purchase both the template and pattern from the lovely Latifah Saafir Studio.  You can also find this quilt featured in the pattern booklet as variations to using this pattern (proud quilting moment!)

Briar rose fabric

This quilt is mainly featured my all time favourite Briar Rose fabric collection by Heather Ross.  I only had Fat eight of each fabric collection so I had look into my stash to combine other fabric into the quilt.  There are some Nicey Jane, Sweet as Honey, Twice as Nice, and Catnap fabrics mainly sewed at the top of the quilt.

Briar rose fabric

Up close of the fabric you can find lovely illustrations of frogs and bees and if you look closely you can find a grasshopper somewhere in the mix.  This quilt conjures up both whimsical and fun feelings with its bright colours, flowers and animals.

Briar rose fabric

I have used simple grid quilting lines which produced a waffle effect.  This is probably my go to quilting style when I want it to be simple yet modern and I can't figure out how to quilt the end product.

Briar rose fabric

This quilt now lives in London with my lovely niece Rosamund, whom I have been told by the mum that she uses the quilt as a blanket and for play.  That makes me heart swell with happiness when quilts I have made are loved and hugged constantly.

Quilt facts:
Finished size - 40" x 52"
Glam clam template size - 8" template ruler
Quilt top fabric - mixture of Briar Rose fabric collection, Nicey Jane, Sweet as Honey, Twice as Nice, and Catnap fabrics
Backing fabric - Wee Wanderer by Sarah Jane
Batting - 100% cotton 
Thread - 60wt Aurifil 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos

Jacqueline xx

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