Friday 23 May 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival 2014

Another year of the fantastic Blogger's Quilt Festival.  
This is a great festival to have a look at the array of beautiful, creative and inspirational quilts.

Here's my submission for the original design quilt - Flutter Your Wings

This is my very first own design of flying geese. I love the way the arrangements gives a sense of wings fluttering in the wind.

This quilt is hand quilted following the flow of the design to further accentuate the idea of wings fluttering in the sky.

More photos and information on material, fabrics, and dimensions can be found here

Here is the link to Blogger's Quilt Festival website.  
Hurry up and come join in the fun as today is the last day to submit your designs (23rd May).


  1. Beautiful quilt, love the colours and the straight line quilting, that echo the wings!

  2. The hand quilting just makes a beautiful quilt even more beautiful. Stunning flying geese.

  3. what beautiful hand quilting - so lovely!

  4. Gorgeous work - your stitching is perfect!

  5. Love the steel grey for the background!