Friday 28 September 2012

A review on 'Schnibbles Times Two'

I came across this book recommend by one of the blogger I subscribed to.  I was firstly attracted to the beautiful quilt on the front of the cover, secondly to the adorable title, and thirdly to the content of the book.  I am a very graphic/picture person.  My attention zooms right into the picture before I read any texts about it.  As the saying goes, 'A picture paints a thousand words.'  This book has beautiful photographed quilts and equally wonderful designs to tantalize your quilting-buds.

The introduction by Carrie described how she came to love using 5" charm and 10" layer cakes packs, and her realization of making mini quilts from charm packs to bigger quilts using layer cakes from the same designs.  There is a rather comical side to the author which makes this book feels more personal rather than just another quilting book with instructions on how to make them. The author has also added some lovely quotes on each project which I think is a lovely touch.

'Scnibbles Times Two' has many beautiful and simple projects to work on with clear, concise and step by step instructions.  There are also diagrams to aid understanding the piecing process and to which direction to fold the fabric.  If you are like me where looking at a diagram makes more sense than reading instructions, this is the book for you.

Happy quilting!

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