Monday 17 December 2012

These Are My Favorite Things


Lemon tart, freddos, Big M, Magnum choc mint ice-cream & Yoga

Swoon quilt
You must be wondering what has the heading to do with quilting.  Well, they were my inspiration for colors choices for Surprise Quilt No.1.  It is a strange combination for a quilt inspiration but they are one of my yoga, travel and all time bestie's favorite things (and mine too!).  Angeline is an amazing yoga teacher (that's her on the mood board).  We often have this yearly 'conference' during summertime when she visits me in Melbourne.  The 'conference' entails daily yoga practice together (often having a good laugh in class with our inner child coming out to play), and talking all things yoga and creative ideas while enjoying a slice (or two) of lemon tart, a couple of delicious snack size chocolate Freddos, a shared glass of chocolate milk called Big M or on a very hot day, a Magnum Peppermint ice-cream mini stick.  During our conference she has the hard task of motivating my lazy bum into practicing daily to work off all these yummy treats.


It was love at first sight when I saw the original Swoon quilt.  I love the simplicity of the design and with just two contrasting or complimentary fabric it produced a lovely quilt.  It was not a hard quilt to make but I was challenged during the machine quilting phase.  Even though it was heaps faster than hand quilting, the size of the quilt made it quite a task from start to finish.  However, I'm happy with the overall effect and glad that I persevered with it.

While taking pictures of the finished quilt, I realized that the design resonates with the mandala I painted a few years ago.  I was inspired by the designs and meaning of mandala after my trip to India with Angeline.  The word 'mandala' is Sanskrit for circle and center.  It represents the visible world that we live in, and the invisible world which resides in our soul and body.  Mandala forms a representation that reveals an inner truth about oneself with the world around it (

Swoon quilt

Angeline and I traveled to India together in 2008.  It was our first trip together even though we have known each other since we were kids.  Our love for yoga binds our friendship and the profound impact it has made on our lives since we started our separate journey with it many years ago.  It was a memorable trip for the both of us as we yoga, laughed, shopped, bargained, held our breath as we zipped around town in a three wheeler and ate our way from the south to the north of India.


This quilt is made for Angeline to thank her for our amazing friendship, to the many crazy experiences we had, and to the ones we will continue to make as we journey our way through life.

Quilt Facts:
Quilt design: Swoon
By: Camille Roskelly of Simplify
Size: 80" x 80"
Fabric: Various
Quilting: Machine quilted 1/2" lines

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  1. The whole suburb could hear my screams of delight when you presented me this beautiful, hand crafted piece of art. I would've 'swooned' at the gift as it was such a pleasant surprise, but I collected myself to admire the hand stitching, made with such love, thoughtfulness and hours and hours of patience.
    I am immensely touched by the inspiration behind my quilt (you know me oh-so well), and still chuckle at the craziness we got up to in India. I can't wait for the quilt to keep me cozy and warm at night, - every time I look at it, it will remind me of what binds our amazing friendship, and look forward to more crazy expeditions to come (starting with Sri Lanka!). Love you lots, Jacq - thank you from the bottom of my heart.