Wednesday 11 September 2013

Fabric Love #7

Robert Kaufman
Modern Bliss by Andie Hanna

This line was picked by the a client for a commissioned baby quilt.  Personally it would not be my first choice of fabric line to choose.  However, as I worked on the quilt, the more it grows on me and I love it!  It's fresh, modern (as the name suggest) and delightful!  Perhaps the attractiveness of the colours has something to do with the arrival of Spring where the fresh and vibrant colours are starting to make an appearance after a long winter season.  I am so looking forward to warmer weather now.

I will be finishing up this quilt this coming weekend as school term 3 starts next week Boo!  The school break has been blissful as I spent my evenings after work and weekends working on quilts that I have on my 'Quilts to make list'.  I am just glad that there are no deadlines on this list but one of leisure and enjoyment.

These F8 bundle was purchased from:
Westwood acres

Thank you for stopping by and Happy quilting!

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