Tuesday 23 October 2012

A Book Review on "Material Obsession: Contemporary Quilt Desings"

Material Obsession by Kathy Doughty & Sarah Fielke

Quilt book review
This is the very first quilting book that I purchased in 2010.  It deserves a mentioned as it has been and still is a source of inspiration to my quilting journey.  The quilt designs and amazing array of colors in each project dances across the eyes through the author's skillful and inhibition in combining and contrasting fabrics.  This book has beginners to advance projects with good description and simple hand drawn piecing instructions, and templates for projects that requires applique.  Majority of the projects uses hand quilting which I personally feel adds a special touch to the finishing quilt.

Quilt book review
Till today, as I flip through the pages of this book, the beautiful quilts and designs still inspires me.  It also gives me the confidence to try new color contrast and combination which I would never dream of or even dare to do.  Here is an example of a quilt that I have made from this book which I have blogged about in Simple Things in Life.  This book is a gem and one to add to your collection of quilting books.

Happy Quilting!

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