Friday 5 October 2012

Summer Lovin'

A sneak peak to what I'm working on currently as I wait patiently for summer to embrace us down under. 

Summer Love

Flowing breezes with gentle heat
Fragrant flowers scents so sweet
Blinding sunshine from up above
Spring romance now summer love
Bathers search for the perfect sun
As summer season has now begun
Golden bodies on the sandy beach
A summer love within their reach

The song of summer is on the air
As heartbeats join as one to share
With fiery lips they so gently kiss
Sharing a moment of loving bliss
As darkness falls upon the shore
Their feeling deepen ever more
With starlight falling from above
They lose each other in summer love
-Gordon Jerome-

"Share the love you have to give
And love the life you choose to live"
-Gordon Jerome-

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